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The Tianma Group introduces first True FHD AMOLED flexible display for curved mobile applications

Chino, CA, May 21, 2018 The Tianma Group has developed a new 5.99” True FHD AMOLED Flexible Display for curved mobile applications.  This prototype achieves high resolution and full-screen imaging using an innovative pixel arrangement that allows for better manufacturability of flexible, curved-edge FHD displays. Tianma will demonstrate this True FHD Flexible AMOLED at Display Week 2018.

Until now, a traditional high-PPI mobile display needed to use sub-pixel rendering to achieve this level of panel resolution, causing a “zig-zag” effect on the edges of images and words. Tianma’s True FHD resolution overcomes this issue and shows words and images smoothly, achieving 403 PPI without pixel rendering.

Caption:  The Tianma Group has introduced a new 5.99” True FHD Flexible AMOLED Display.  Photo: Tianma America, Inc.

Developed at the company’s Shanghai AMOLED technology center, Tianma’s new pixel arrangement helps achieve true FHD, providing higher image quality (as compared to SPR arrangement) with little impact on the expected device lifetime.

With this display prototype, Tianma demonstrates a pixel arrangement approach to achieve a higher resolution AMOLED display. This results in a reasonable pixel aperture ratio, utilizing a fine metal mask (FMM) design rule, leading to better manufacturability for the desired pixel resolution. Moreover, the COF driver for full-screen display has also been optimized to guarantee panel uniformity.

5.99" True FHD-Flexible AMOLED

Display Technology


Outline Dimension (mm)


Active Area (mm)  


Resolution (pixel)


Luminance (cd/m²)


Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle (U/D/L/R)






Bending Radius (mm)


Border Down (mm)


Border (L/R/U, mm)



Smart Phone



The new 5.99” True FHD Flexible AMOLED Display, along with The Tianma Group’s expansive family of displays and technologies, will be showcased at Display Week 2018, May 22 to 24 in Los Angeles, California, USA, in Booth 1005.

For more information, contact Tianma America, Inc., 13949 Central Ave., Chino, CA 91710. 909-590-5833.;


About Tianma America, Inc.
Tianma America (TMA) is the leading provider of small- to medium-size display solutions to the Americas market utilizing advanced technologies and manufacturing resources of the Tianma Group Companies, which includes Tianma Micro-electronics (Shenzhen and Shanghai) and Tianma Japan, Ltd. (formerly known as NLT Technologies Ltd.), as well as manufacturing locations in Chengdu, Wuhan, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Shanghai China. Tianma America technologies can be found in smartphones, tablet PCs, industrial and medical instrumentation, wearables, home automation, household appliances, office equipment, and automotive and rear seat entertainment devices.  Additional applications include test and measurement systems, instrumentation equipment, point-of-sale and ATM systems, gaming systems, global positioning systems, radio-frequency identification devices and barcode scanners.

Tianma America’s technology portfolio comprises TFT, LTPS, Oxide-TFT, AM-OLED, flexible, transparent, 3D, PCAP and In-cell/On-cell integrated touch. With a network of best-in-class distributors and value-added partners, Tianma America provides complete display module solutions for a broad base of customers and applications.

The content in this press release, including, but not limited to, product prices and specifications, is based on the information as of the date indicated on the document, but may be subject to change without prior notice.

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