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New LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter and many other innovations at SID Display Week 2017
State-of-the-art display measurement technology from Instrument Systems

Munich, May 2017 – At SID Display Week, due to take place in Los Angeles/USA from 2126 May 2017, Instrument Systems will be showcasing a number of innovations in the areas of “Display Production Testing”, “Display Quality Control” and “Automotive Interior Measurement”. The highlight at the exhibition stand will be the newly-developed LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter. As a combination of spectroradiometer and RGB camera, the LumiTop 2700 characterizes displays with an extremely high measurement speed and outstanding accuracy.

Display Production Testing – LumiTop 2700

The focus of innovations from Instrument Systems is the “Display Production Testing” range. The new LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter guarantees fast but at the same time highly precise characterization of displays in production. As a 3-in-1 system the LumiTop 2700 combines an RGB camera and flicker-diode with a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS series. Due to the constant reference check with the spectroradiometer, the extremely high measurement accuracy applies across the complete field of view of the camera. The versatility of the LumiTop 2700 permits many different test applications to be conducted in a single test station.  Thanks to the LumiSuite software with its software development kit, the system can be easily integrated into production lines and offers many user-friendly evaluation possibilities, including in the laboratory.

Display Quality Control – DMS 803

On the topic of R&D and quality control, at Display Week Instrument Systems will be presenting the DMS 803 measurement system. Independently of display technology (e.g. LCD, OLED, ePaper) the DMS series of instruments viewing-angle-dependently analyzes the luminance and color coordinate of emissive, transmissive, reflective and transflective displays. Besides the determination of the electro-optical characteristics, transient properties such as switching times,

flicker and modulation can also be ascertained. The DMS also offers comprehensive accessories such as temperature chambers and a wide range of lighting equipment.

Automotive interior measurement – LumiCam and DTS 140D

According to the motto “Automotive Interior Measurement”, the Munich light measurement technology manufacturer will be exhibiting its systems for the characterization of light sources in automotive interiors. For fast spatially-resolved evaluation of display symbols and control elements in vehicles and displays, Instrument Systems offers the LumiCam series of imaging photometers and colorimeters. In addition to luminance and color distribution, the homogeneity, contrast and mura of displays and flat-panel displays can also be determined quickly and precisely. For high-precision spectral characterization of displays and automotive interior illumination the complete DTS 140D system with the new CAS 140D spectroradiometer will be presented.

The Instrument Systems sales engineers will be pleased to give live demonstrations of measurement solutions to interested Display Week visitors at Stand 1135.

The following lectures by Instrument Systems experts will round off the presentation of the Munich-based light measurement technology manufacturer at SID Display Week 2017:

SID/ICDM Introductory Display Metrology Training Course


10:00 am

W-2 Lecture: “Display metrology: Framework and implementations”

Dr. M. Becker



11:30 am

W-3 Lecture: “Imaging colorimeter”

Dr. M. Wolf,  J. Neumeier

21.5.2017 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Product demonstration: “Imaging colorimeter”

Dr. M. Wolf,  J. Neumeier

Monday Seminar


10:20 am

M-5 Lecture: “Display metrology – Basics and practical considerations”

Dr. M. Becker



10:40 am

33-1 Invited paper: “Metrological challenges of curved displays”

Dr. M. Wolf, Dr. M. Becker


1:30 pm

62-2 Invited paper: “Measurement of visual resolution of display screens“

Dr. M. Becker


5:00 pm

P-84 Poster presentation: “Spectrometer-enhanced imaging colorimetry”

Dr. M. Becker, 

J. Neumeier

Dr. M. Wolf,

Exhibitors’ Forum


11:00 am

9-3 Talk: “Spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeter”

Dr. M. Wolf,  J. Blanke

Company profile of Instrument Systems GmbH

Instrument Systems was founded in 1986 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company develops, manufactures and markets turnkey solutions for light measurement. Instrument Systems delivers a comprehensive range of light measuring products for industrial and research applications. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers, as well as imaging photometers and colorimeters. Key applications are LED/SSL and display measurement, as well as spectroradiometry and photometry. Today Instrument Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this area. The associated Optronics Division, located in Berlin, develops and markets photometric test equipment specifically for the automotive industry and transport sector. About 85% of sales are generated by the export business. Since 2012 Instrument Systems has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Konica Minolta Group.

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