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Next Generation Projected Capacitive Touch Technology now Developed
Ottawa, Canada

9 May 2017

Los Angeles, CA. May 23rd to 25th - A D Metro is presenting the next generation of Projected Capacitive. A D Metro’s research and development engineers are pleased to present the newly developed Multiplexed Projected Capacitive (MPC). MPC technology streamlines the PCAP design, integration, and maintenance allowing it to be as easy to integrate as standard resistive technology. MPC does away with cumbersome matching of controllers with specific size, ratio, and orientation of touch sensors. The MPC intelligent controller is connected to the sensor by 3 wires, works with any size sensor, with any number of x and y channels, and in any orientation. The new technology employs a common buss wire that is connected to all channels. In between the buss wire and each channel is a screen printed resonant filter circuit that allows only a specific frequency to pass to each individual channel. The MPC intelligent controller, on initial setup, sweeps through a radio band and identifies all the x and y channels. During the sweep, each time a frequency that matches the resonant filter of a channel is hit, a signal change allows the controller to know there is a channel at that frequency. The channels then are programed in a few seconds. To complete the controller setup, the user is prompted to touch the upper left-hand corner of the sensor to identify the orientation of the sensor. MPC technology has no downside over conventional Projected Capacitive technology but there are numerous benefits:

  • One controller is compatible with any sensor size.
  • No more controller programming to handle specific sensor channels and orientation.
  • No more multi-trace large ribbon cable on the sensor – only 3 wires are required.
  • No more short sensor cable to avoid cable cross-talk. Controller and sensor can be as far apart as required.
  • MCP technology works with many frequencies making it Much more tolerant to radio interference.
  • Cost and production method are identical to conventional PCAP.

As development continues, the controller will be able to automatically set the best performing touch sensitivity during the auto setup function and will provide water rejection by working in an automatic mode that will allow it to sense what kind of water contamination is on the sensor and adjusting signal processing automatically to deal with it.

“Projected Capacitive technology commands the lion’s share of the touch screen marketplace but it is public domain so anyone can produce it. It is also not the easiest technology to work with requiring many design considerations for successful integration.

In developing our next generation Projected Capacitive technology, called MPC, we have removed almost all the Projected Capacitive design and integration difficulties and more importantly we will secure the intellectual property rights to this new technology that everyone should want immediately based on its significant benefits and price comparability to conventional PCAP. We expect MPC to be a game changer in the touch screen market. Whoever obtains the MPC intellectual property rights will likely control the market.”

- Albert David / CTO A D Metro

About A D Metro:
Established in 1988, A D Metro designs, manufactures and supplies innovative touch screen technology solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators and value added resellers. Everyday A D Metro's products are touched by millions of people around the world. Our ULTRA product line is the most durable resistive touch screen sensor available on the market and our projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen solutions simplify design and accelerate time to market.

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