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Leading Display Industry Executives to Address Flexible OLED Challenges and Opportunities during Display Week Business Conference
One of Several Events this Year at Display Week 2017 Celebrating Three Decades of Innovation, Success and Future Opportunity in OLED Technology

CAMPBELL, Calif. and AUSTIN, Texas, April 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Society for Information Display (SID), together with Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), announced today that leading display industry executives will be convening at the Display Week Business Conference on May 22nd to debate the outlook for flexible OLEDs, which have the opportunity to completely replace LCDs in the mobile phone market and take a significant share in tablets, automotive applications, notebooks and other sectors. The Business Conference kicks off the Business Track that runs through Display Week, which will be held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 21-26.

Smartphone brands are drawn to OLEDs for their improved display performance and quality, lighter weight, ruggedness as well as their flexible form factor, which enables innovative capabilities and designs—including being foldable and rollable while offering a larger display area. These benefits will enable smartphone brands to increase their prices and breathe new life into a stagnant market searching for new innovations.

According to SID Business Conference Chair, Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, "The anticipation of this emerging flexible OLED demand can be seen in significant price premiums for curved/flexible OLED panels, dramatic flexible OLED capacity growth and record capital spending in 2017 with OLED spending expected to remain at high levels for a number of years. To address this exciting market development, we have brought together executives from throughout the display supply chain to discuss the challenges, opportunities and outlook associated with flexible OLEDs."

According to Sri Peruvemba, SID Marketing Chair, "OLEDs are expected to play a key role in the growth of the display market. DSCC has put together an excellent agenda addressing all aspects of the OLED market. We believe this event, coupled with the numerous Technical Symposium presentations and our special '30 Years of OLED' event, will provide attendees a truly comprehensive look at this dynamic market."

This year's Business Conference will feature a dedicated session on flexible OLEDs. Presenters include:

  • Dr. Bill Liu, Founder and CEO of Royole Corporation. Royole is focused on rollable OLEDs and has already produced them as thin as 0.01mm. In fact, the company announced a new product called the FlexPhone, which enables bendable phones that can be worn on your wrist. Royole Corp. has quickly reached a $3 billion valuation under Dr. Liu's leadership, and he and the company have won numerous awards).
  • Jalil Shaikh, COO at UniPixel. Mr. Shaikh will discuss the challenges associated with producing touch screens and cover films for flexible, foldable and rollable products and how UniPixel is addressing this opportunity.
  • Dr. Neetu Chopra, Technology Marketing Manager at Kateeva. Dr. Chopra will discuss how Kateeva has enabled flexible OLEDs through the development of its ink jet printing tool for printing thin film encapsulation films.
  • Ryan Reith, Program VP for IDC's Mobile Tracker Suite. Mr. Reith will discuss the outlook for the global smartphone market and how flexible OLEDs will impact the market. He will also present smartphone trends by region, display size and other parameters.
  • Yoshio Tamura, President of DSCC. Mr. Tamura will present DSCC's supply/demand outlook for the OLED market. He will discuss OLED fab schedules and supply growth, and the impact of rollable and foldable OLEDs on OLED supply and demand.

In addition to the flexible OLED session, a number of other talks will discuss the OLED technology and market outlook including presentations from:

The SID Business Conference is sponsored by Corning, Merck, Applied Materials, Cynora, UDC and Jobs Ohio. The latest agenda is available here. Conference fees include lunch, refreshments, access to the Display Week exhibit hall and Tuesday morning keynotes, along with electronic copies of the presentation material and admission to the Monday evening networking reception. To register, please visit

Beyond the Business Conference, Display Week 2017 will feature a special emphasis on three decades of innovation and success in OLED technology session, hosting an exclusive OLED event titled "Lighting the Way: Celebrating 30 Years of OLED" on Tuesday, May 23rd, highlighting the dynamic history of this technology from its early R&D days to its evolution as a major force in the display industry: To boot, dozens of sessions and speakers from across industry and academia will be presenting on their latest OLED innovations and what is in store for the future of this technology during the technical symposium. A significant number of exhibitors will also showcase their latest advances across the OLED ecosystem, from R&D and materials to manufacturing and end-user applications.

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